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Create a DRM Compatible reader?

Amazon and Apple have their own DRM schemes and you won't be able to create an ereader that opens books from their stores. But most others use Adobe DRM, and you can license Adobe's Reader Mobile SDK ...
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Find new books in Adobe Digital Edition - library

ADE is not a library, it is software to allow a person to read ebooks. Here are sources for free ebooks if that's what you want: ...
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Can Nook Read Kobo Books and Vise Versa?

Both NOOK and Kobo have a variety of book formats in common, such EPUB and Adobe PDF. Kobo can use Adobe Digital Editions, but Barnes and Noble states, "NOOK Books from Barnes & Noble cannot ...
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E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN error in fulfilling a .acsm file

It happened to me with an .acsm file, but from a different store (it was Kobo); I managed to resolve this problem by downloading the file again, and Adobe Digital Editions was able to import it. I don'...
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How to confirm if ePub is DRM'ed ? Kobo Aura HD possibly refusing to read DRM-free ePub

I ran into the same issue as outlined in @user2433922's answer. My Kobo Libra 2 showed an error when viewing an EPUB claiming to be about DRM when it was really due to a missing content.opf file in an ...
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