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I do disagree with idiotprogrammer's answer because this question does dive into DRM which plays a large part in ebooks. You could try changing the authorization of your Adobe Digital Editions account, reference: "How do I change the authorization on my laptop" with a re-install. If that doesn't work you would need to contact Since you're ...


For Linux you need to run ADE in Vine. On this page there is a pdf and a video that I made for my library on using ebooks via ADE for Linux users. FWIW, I had trouble getting ADE to detect ereaders on Linux ( ubuntu). Your mileage may vary. Good hunting!


Let me say that I have no idea what the answer to your question is. So what follows is my best guess based on a hunch. First, it's ridiculous to think that a DRMed ebook is tied to an email. Instead, it is tied to a user account created for a specific vendor. Every website under the sun allows you to change the email for the account. Even if the sign on ...


It happened to me with an .acsm file, but from a different store (it was Kobo); I managed to resolve this problem by downloading the file again, and Adobe Digital Editions was able to import it. I don't really know what really happened in the background, maybe some error prevented the creation of a valid .acsm file; I can't guarantee that this will help you, ...


Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is necessary for you to read e-books that have Digital Rights Management (DRM) attached. After installing ADE, you will be prompted to login with or to create an Adobe ID, but don't worry, it's free.

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