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How do you make paragraphs break in iBooks or Nook?

It seems that the first thing you need to do is to start learning HTML. I'm thinking it has something to do with how the paragraphs are set up in the html." In your example, you do not use ...
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Can Nook Read Kobo Books and Vise Versa?

Both NOOK and Kobo have a variety of book formats in common, such EPUB and Adobe PDF. Kobo can use Adobe Digital Editions, but Barnes and Noble states, "NOOK Books from Barnes & Noble cannot ...
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How to tell whether a Google Play eBook is bootlegged/pirated?

It's very common for the listing for publisher to be the company that formatted and produced the ebook. I wouldn't read too much significance into that. Sometimes this conversion services just ...
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How can I add a European card to my nook?

B&N will not sell ebooks overseas (well, they did not last time I checked). I guess they may use the credit card to check that. However, You do not have to buy from them. What matters for you is ...
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How to send library ebooks from Calibre to Nook

First, I assume that you are referring to "protected ebooks" which when checked out requires some kind of Digital Rights Management. If they are not protected ebooks, I imagine you could just transfer ...
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