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Publishing in serveral formats: what CSS code to use?

There's the site "Can I use" to show which CSS keyword is compatible with which browser. But is there the equivalent for books format? For instance, I'm trying to make several book formats ...
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Linking to the same reference many times (instead of writing it over and over), while inserting each time a page number to it: possible?

I am writing an ebook and I'm referring to several books many times. I could use the regular notes section and citing the book 20 times per chapter, but it's cumbersome. What's the smartest way to ...
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Universal Identification metadata for e-books

I would like to add to my ebooks some reference metadata so as to be able to easily find information on the web, without using a search that is often tedious, possibly difficult since each search ...
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Some classic literature is available for free - but where? [closed]

Knowing some classic literature works being free... what would be typical sites to find and download those? (By "classic" I mean those older works that are now regarded to be “copyright-free”.) I ...
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How well is SVG (being a "pixel image" alternative) supported?

I didn't mention it in my previous question because it's an image format made of vectors, but would SVG provide a usable alternative for non-pixel images like illustrations? If, how well is SVG ...
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Is there a standardized or recommended image format, size, and resolution when embedding images?

I would like to embed images into my ebook, but I could not find any general references that describe "best practices" related to image format, size and resolution. Are there any standardized or ...
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