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Metadata is additional information saved within an ebook file, or an ebook management software, covering various meta information about the ebook. Typical metadata fields are:

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Images chopped horizontally on ADE

I have about 20 images in an epub (on various xhtml pages). My prepped epub shows its images (when tested on cell phone): OK on Kobo App [with .kepub.epub extension set] OK on PocketBook eReader OK ...
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What content should be placed in the PDF Document Properties of a PDF Ebook?

I plan to release a free PDF download of a book I wrote, which recently went out-of-print reverting all rights to me. I am getting the printed book scanned into PDF files, one for each chapter. I am ...
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How to check the current copyright status of books?

How long lasts the copyright over a book? Is there a way to check the current copyright status of a book by using ISBN?
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How can one change the "Date Added" of a book in Adobe Digital Edition?

I recently installed Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) on my computer. On ADE, each book has some associated metadata. The one I am interested in is the "Date Added" which is the date and time the ...
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Metadata for Epubs

I'm currently building epubs by hand (ok, I do cheat and use Calibre's epub editor from time to time). And through some curse from a dying sorcerer everything I'm doing is: One of a series/trilogy/...
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Adding metadata to DjVu

How can I add metadata to a DjVu file? Desired result: $ exiftool sample.djvu | grep -P "^===|Title|Author" Title : Group Theory and Physics Author ...
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How to bulk renaming ebooks

Is there a simple way for renaming a lot of ebooks, getting the relevant information from their metadata? Of course I can open the ebook, copy the data and renaming one file at a time, but since the ...
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Redefining "Page 1" in a djvu or pdf document

For context, I'm a graduate student and I rely on the indexes of digitized books pretty heavily. It is annoying that the page numbers in djvu/pdf files almost always fail to align with those of the ...
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Genres/ Subjects/ Categories in epub's metadata

What is the proper way to define genre in epub's metadata? (in OEBPS/content.opf file.) I can't google the definition, just some obviousness mentions like "It may also include many other things ...
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ePub 3 option for age restriction metadata?

I'm looking for the equivalent of the RTA header for websites but for ePub - something I can put in the metadata section to label the ePub as intended for an adult audience and not suitable for ...
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What tag use is expected in an ePub toc.xhtml?

I asked a similar question at What do I need my (ePub) toc.ncx to have?, but thought to create a different question about what to do for a toc.xhtml file. The error I am getting when I try to ...
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How to get the fragment name with JavaScript

I'm trying to build an interactive ebook as a single page application. Everything works fine till now, except that I couldn't find a way to create a dynamic table of contents. My initial idea was to ...
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How to rename epubs when the file name is a numeric string?

I have a number of EPUB titles that need renaming, from the likes of "1631214659.epub" to "Moon's Napa and Sonoma" and so on. They load into Calibre under their actual titles, but I still need to ...
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Can a custom column with "Date" type be added to the tag browser?

In Calibre, I created a custom column with the type "Date". While it gets displayed as column in the ebook list, it does not appear in the tag browser. Is there a way to have a date-based column as ...
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Universal Identification metadata for e-books

I would like to add to my ebooks some reference metadata so as to be able to easily find information on the web, without using a search that is often tedious, possibly difficult since each search ...
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Calibre - switching title and series column

I have a problem with Calibre. I have imported many ebooks and the metadata were taken from the file name. In most cases the file name was author - title.epub. All went well, the metadata were ...
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Command line extraction of metadata (title. author) from epub file

I would like to use a command line program to extract the title of a book (possibly also other metadata) from its epub file and return it as a string. I am using Linux, but my guess is that the ...
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Can a Kindle Paperwhite show metadata?

Can a Kindle Paperwhite show you the metadata on an e-book? I do not mean to edit the metadata, but just to see it. Or does just seeing the metadata already require special software like Calibre? ...
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What are the most appropriate metadata to manage and search ebooks

On an online platform for ebooks that you would use to search, sort, and save online entity of your books (like goodreads, scribd etc.), what meta data fields would be handy to have available for a ...
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Calibre: Author with the word "and" in the name?

Sometimes a book doesn't really have an explicit "author", but is rather authored by some group. So for example maybe there's a book about Croatian politics that's by "The Croatian Studies Institute"....
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Adding blurb/summary metadata to an ebook file

Is there a standard way to add a blurb to an epub file, and to Amazon files, such that the information will show up on an ereader device?
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Why/Where is calibre writing author/title in metadata when saving to device?

When I connect my device Simple Touch Nook, I send a book to my device using the calibre management software. Although I have the template {title} - {authors} set for sending to device, when I open ...
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EPUB 3.0 <dc:identifier>

My question is on the <dc:identifier>. Is the <dc:indentifier> unique and hashed to an IP address or MAC address?
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How to set metadata (title, author) of exported PDF documents in LibreOffice/

I often create 'read only once and delete' PDF files with LibreOffice. How can I set their metadata (title, author) properly so my Sony Reader could show it on the Books screen?
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How can I keep a large number of EPUB files, managed in calibre, "polished"

As described in this answer, you can manually polish EPUB files so they are updated with the metadata you added or changed in calibre, without converting the EPUB files. At least on Linux there is a ...
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Updating EPUB book author and title metadata

I own many EPUB books (Spanish, English). Some have the name of the author wrong, such as "Esquivel, Laura" instead of "Laura Esquivel". And have the name of series in book title, where it does not ...
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Are there ways to automatically detect what book an e-text is?

I know that these days, there are services (I think Google provides one) that can take a "digital fingerprint" of a song, and help you catalogue that song, e.g. composer/band/genre/year. Is there a ...
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What software should I use to write books, which can be exported to Lulu and CreateSpace?

I currently use PagePlus X6 to typeset books. It has the capability to export to .pdf files and .epub files. However, the generated files are being rejected by Lulu and CreateSpace. Is there an ...
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How can I display 'word count' in Calibre while browsing my Library?

I use Calibre, to manage my library of eBooks. It is easy to include the size of the book, but with images and such that can be misleading. I notice on Smashwords they often include a word count in ...
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