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Does changing the language on a kindle change the books?

If I change my Kindle’s language setting from English(us) to English(UK) will that change the language used in the Ebooks? Will Color be displayed as Colour in a Ebook
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How to convert and read Khmer PDFs on Kindle?

I was able to find a PDF in Khmer language(a.k.a. Cambodian language). However, when I tried to upload it into my kindle, it turns everything into gibberish. I've looked around and there aren't many ...
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What is a good ebook for learning the English language? [closed]

I need an ereader application or ebook that can help me learn the English language.
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Adding a language that Calibre does not recognize

I want to add languages that Calibre does not have in its database, such as Farsi (an alias for "Persian") and Hindavi (the precursor to Urdu and Hindi), so that I can use those languages in the ...
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Software to create bilingual ebooks?

Suppose that I own an ebook in two languages. Is there a software that combines them to one bilingual ebook? I suppose this shouldn't be hard, as a basic translator can figure out which paragraphs/...
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Can Kobo read Hebrew ePubs?

I noticed Kobo eReader does not have Hebrew in pre-installed languages. Can kobo read Hebrew ePub properly?
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Is it necessary/possible to specifically target foreign-language "editions" of amazon?

In addition to the original English, there are language-specific Amazon sites, such as, for Spanish, I have created some bilingual books of works in the public domain, such as ...
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How do I ensure my Hebrew displays correctly in the Kindle apps and EPUB readers?

I've got text which is in English and Hebrew with vowels. This needs to display correctly, i.e. English left to right and Hebrew right to left with the correct placement of vowels in the iOS and ...
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How to filter curse words?

Many of the authors I read, enjoy placing curse words in their books but use them a bit judiciously. In addition, I am not a fan of cursing in general. I am currently filtering out curse words using ...
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What is the correct term for eBook?

According to Wikipedia there are several variations of the term; e-book, eBook, e-Book, ebook, digital book, or even e-edition. Is there anyone that is most widely accepted or used?
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