I want to add languages that Calibre does not have in its database, such as Farsi (an alias for "Persian") and Hindavi (the precursor to Urdu and Hindi), so that I can use those languages in the Languages field for books. Is there any way to do that?

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Speakers of Persian (and related languages) usually use Farsi in their native languages to refer to Persian in the same way a French speaker would use Français to refer to French. However, no French speaker would ask a software developer to use Français also in English GUIs.

If you want to have Farsi as a menu option, you'll need to change the UI language to Persian or a related language.


Since Calibre uses ISO language codes internally and there are no ISO codes for Hindavi/Hindustani, it's not possible to add a Hindavi menu option. You'll have to use Hindi.

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