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Software to Verify Formatting across ebook Readers

Is there anything out there to check that your fancy formatting will get displayed properly in ePub, Kindle, Kobo, phone readers, etc? Many years ago, when my company first started making eBooks we ...
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Best Ebook Reader Applications for Multiple Devices

So I know the best is very opinionated, but currently I am managing all my ebooks (All formats) using Callibre Software for Desktop and whenever I have to sync it with other devices I prefer Google ...
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Are there any games to Kindle Paperwhite 4?

I have a Kindle Paperwhite 4 and I just wonder, besides reading books, are there any games to play on it? Of course a Super Mario might be too demanding to the display. However, I suppose a ...
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Install another operating system on Kindle Paperwhite

I have a Kindle Paperwhite, but I would like to format it and install some other operating system on it, like Duokan, for example. Would anyone have a step-by-step tutorial to do this?
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PDF Compressor online / software

I have a very large ebooks; I would like to reduce their sizes while maintaining the highest possible quality. Is there a best PDF compressor software or online website that I can upload my private ...
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How can I fix this kindle?

I tried to turn on my kindle DX and I found it in this state: The screen was normal prior to that with no anomalies.The external screen is fine with no cracks or scratches. What I remember one day ...
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Software to create bilingual ebooks?

Suppose that I own an ebook in two languages. Is there a software that combines them to one bilingual ebook? I suppose this shouldn't be hard, as a basic translator can figure out which paragraphs/...
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Best platform and format for eBook on software/programming

I am totally new to eBooks / digital publishing. I want to publish a book on a software/programming topic. It makes zero sense for it to be paperback, because I want readers to be able to copy and ...
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Version control for writing ebooks

When software such as Calibre is used to generate epub, what version control is available? To my understanding, git can be made to work with word processors by jumping through hoops. Perhaps there ...
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How to get book texts difference of two editions of ebook, to read only changes?

I got an ebook and have read it, then found there exists new edition if it, got it too, and not surprisingly found it shares much of text with previous edition. Although there exist some changes too, ...
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How to install KOReader on Kobo Aura ONE

I am a complete beginner with Kobo or generally ebook readers but I got a Kobo Aura ONE reader mostly for reading PDFs on its large screen. However, the builtin reader is not very great and I have ...
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Looking for software to combine articles into ebook

I'm looking for a way to combine articles from the Internet into an ebook that I can then read on my ebook reader. I have tried: (1) using the Export Pocket to EPub Chrome extension, but all it did ...
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2 answers

is there any software available to directly write in mobi format?

is there any software in which I can directly write so that the book directly can be saved as .mobi file WYSIWYG format? I do not like to convert the book as it takes a lot of time and testing in ...
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5 answers

ePub readers for Windows that support continous scrolling?

I need to find an ePub reader application for Windows that support continuous page scrolling. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.
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4 answers

Are there any solutions available for managing a corporate library of ebooks?

My employer maintains a small library of technical books for developers. If there's a book we think would be useful for us, we typically buy a number of copies and place them in the library, where the ...
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Adding Page Numbers in Word

How do I add page numbers to an ebook in Microsoft Word, in the following format: No numbers on opening pages (Title page, Copyright, Dedication) First page Number appears at bottom of Chapter 1 ...
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How is an ebook made? What kind of software and hardware are used? [closed]

What is the process that is needed in order to make an ebook? I'm an student from the International Baccalaureate and I need to analyse a case study.
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Alternative epub reader app for Android

I'm looking for a epub reader app for Android 4.0 which is NOT one of the following: OReader FBReader Cool Reader Other requirements: load EPUB files (my homemade ones are directly converted from ...
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Is there any tool I can use to examine the differences between two OCR pdfs?

I have pdf's to two solutions manuals for a textbook, and I'm trying to determine how much they differ by analyzing both copies with some sort of tool. Does such a thing exist? Is there any other way ...
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Dual reading (for translation comparison)

I have started using my tablet for reading epubs and I have found a lot of different versions of the same book. So, is there any application that allows me to compare, i.e. to see both versions in a ...
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What is a good software for reading ebooks out loud?

I enjoy having the ebooks read out loud. My previous solution has always been to highlight the chapters I want to read and then turn on voiceover in Adobe Reader on my Mac. The advantage is that I can ...
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3 answers

Sort/Select chapters/paragraphs by POV

I have often considered (and had suggestions) that it is worth reading some books only reading certain characters Point of Views. Particularly for Epic Fantasy, where there are many many characters. ...
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22 votes
3 answers

Managing Kindle Collections from a computer

I have plenty of e-books on my Kindle (some in the cloud and some in local only) and I created many Collections to classify my books. One silly things I tried first time was to create a folder ...
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2 answers

What software is used by the publishing companies to create diagrams in the introductory physics textbooks?

What software is used to create free body diagrams, inclines, springs and so on in the introductory physics textbooks ? I know Adobe, Luxology, and many others could, but I am more interested in ...
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Does something about DjVu prevent making a free viewer on iOS?

Is there something about the technology and rights to the DjVu ebook format that explains why it's only available for iPhone by purchasing an app or by making an in-app purchase in a free app? I saw ...
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What commands can be given in the Kindle's search box?

In this forum thread, a user explains that the Kindle's reading speed algorithm can be reset by typing ";ReadingTimeReset" in the Kindle's search box. The user states he was told by a member of Amazon'...
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Scrivener as a tool for creating ebooks

What issues can one expect when writing a document in Scrivener and creating an ebook? That is, what technical, formatting, or other hurdles should I expect if I do this? I am assuming that it would ...
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Is there any software that facilitates scanning of a paper book into an ebook?

I have some old sci-fi novels that are out of print and the rights owners are not creating them in ebook form. Is there any software that facilitates scanning and conversion of these paper books into ...
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