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Convert PDF to Epub, advanced features

I've read all similar questions here, and most of the answers suggest using calibre for this task, however, I'm trying to improve the output. Here I explain: I've extracted text from a PDF using ...
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How to delete Calibre ePub bookmarks

Whenever an ePub file is opened with Calibre's ebook viewer, a bookmark file is created inside that ePub. This file does not store user bookmarks, it is automatically used by the program to remember ...
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How to remove hard hyphens?

Is there any reasonably easy way to remove "hard" hyphens from an eBook? For example, I am reading a book by Ted Dekker where there are many places where a word has a hy-phen in the middle. (Not ...
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What is the most efficient and safest way to remove fingerprints from my Sony PRS-650 Touchscreen Reader?

I prefer to use a dry microfiber cloth to clean my touchscreen, but sometimes you have to scrub pretty hard to remove fingerprints. Is it safe to use a cleaner on the screen or should I use only water ...
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