Is there a way to force Calibre to scroll content like a regular web page, instead of scroll normally till the bottom of a page comes up, then skip the whole screen to the next page, then skip to the next page, and so on? That mode is not flowy at all, it's unusable.

Kind of like the true opposite of "Line scrolling stops at page breaks".

Or suggest an alternative eReader on Windows (I don't organize my books with it). Thanks!


Well I use linux and I'm not sure if that's what you're after but there is a yellow icon representing a scroll at the top right of the viewer's window next to the find next - find prev vertical arrows. When you mouse over it says "Switch to scroll mode… etc." You click this and it should switch to scroll mode.

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    That button says "Switch to flow mode" for me, that's what I'm referring to in the title of the question. But this flow mode is unusable. It doesn't change screens like turning pages (paged mode) but it also doesn't scroll like a web page. It's turning out to be a costly usability issue, in terms of time wasted on bad UI while trying to look stuff up and read. – Leeroy Oct 15 '19 at 20:46

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