Alex Baumgertner

Resume: http://alexbaumgertner.github.io/cv/en/

Specialization and professional skills:

  • flexible and extensible HTML/CSS coding, including HTML5/CSS3;
  • front-end/back-end javascript development (including writing tests and documentation);
  • support continuous integration in the development process of web projects

My toolset:

  • native javascript, ES2015 and beyond standards;
  • BEM: bem-tools, enb, i-bem, BEMHTML/bh;
  • Reactjs, Angular;
  • Nodejs;
  • MVC frameworks: Sailsjs, Expressjs;
  • Mongodb, Waterline;
  • Grunt, Gulp, Webpack;
  • Docker, Dokku;
  • Git, GitHub;
  • Trello, Waffle;
  • Photoshop: Graphics optimization, retouching, design refinement;
  • Sketch: UI prototyping;
  • Linux (Ubuntu Server);
  • Mac OS

I'm interested in:

  • Development of challenging and comprehensive web applications with javascript ES2015, React, Angular, CI, writing tests and documentation. I do not champion any particular framework and am fine with a necessity of maintaining obsolete code. Meeting the users' needs — that is essential. I believe that the team of engineers should rule, not any frameworks choice;
  • a small efficient team;
  • Scrum, Agile;
  • clear and solid work processes, I'm ready to adjust and improve them;
  • the possibility of horizontal growth by competence, responsibility and salary;
  • the possibility 1-2 times a week to work from home;
  • relocation to an IT-friendly country (e.g. USA, Germany etc);
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • alexbaumgertner.github.io/cv/en
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