I can learn anything, and I am one of the most curious people I know. My passion to learn is driven by untapped possibilities. I'm passionate about all things business and being able to automate processes, drive insights from data, and leverage systems. I’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit as well as the focus and discipline of a programmer.

What most people don’t know however is that we can all have goals and passions, but it takes teamwork to make the “dream work”. I grew up deeply competitive, but in my different leadership roles, I learned that selflessness actually helps deliver results. I've grown in leadership, adaptability, listening, and empathy. I've set my focus to deepen these skills and apply them to my life.

People are always the most important asset, and I have always deeply valued people. I’ve gone on many trips with my local church to 5 nations facilitating philanthropic work. I’ve been to over 8 nations and conversed with people from over 60 different nations. I’ve continuously led peer groups since I was in high school, and I’ve also continually been mentored and mentored others.

Through mentorship and the power of programming, data analytics, software, and business analysis,

• I automated a business process for DMscore.com that shaved off 20 hours of work a week. I learned python from scratch, and used my knowledge of web development to launch it on a site. My prior programming experience and this task have dramatically increased my critical thinking skills. This experience was so much fun! • I also built a Wordpress website for a 40 year old organization. In this experience, I learned the importance of understanding business requirements and technical analysis of written communication. • I built 30 web-scraping resource drivers for Formalytx, Inc.; our team collaborated on the JIRA agile platform. • I built 3 web applications using Node, Embedded JavaScript, MongoDB, Heroku, jQuery, and basic Web Technologies.

See my projects here: https://github.com/jasoncarrillo0

My MIS degree at SDSU exposed me to the power of Excel, Visio, SQL, process analysis, and the importance of clear communication. Probably what excites me most now is data analytics. My hands-on experience showed me the power of Web applications in React and Python.

I’m currently pursuing a career as a software engineer. I’m not just willing to learn anything; I’m highly moldable and can learn anything.

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