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difference between `variablelist` and `glosslist` in DocBook

I can't find an explanation when which should be used in any guide. Even their presentations in “DocBook 5.2: The Definitive Guide” by Norman Walsh are similar. Maybe, one of them is deprecated? Maybe,...
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Software recommendation for writing ebook and exporting to multiple formats

I am thinking about writing and/publishing an ebook with the following in mind: It will contain code (needs proper formatting) I should be able to publish PDF and EPUB versions I might need to have ...
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Is there online eBook authoring tool which can produce ePub and PDF formats?

I would prefer an online tool so that I am not tied to a particular computer for adding content. Additionally I would expect an online collaboration tool ( distribute chapters to authors and editors) ...
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Scrivener as a tool for creating ebooks

What issues can one expect when writing a document in Scrivener and creating an ebook? That is, what technical, formatting, or other hurdles should I expect if I do this? I am assuming that it would ...
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Is Markdown a viable source format for writing ebooks?

I've for some time enjoyed using Markdown to handle straightforward text formatting, image presentation and the like, which I use for keeping notes, or drafting blog content. I'm aware that different ...
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