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Any way to find a lost Kindle inside a house?

The OP's solution is below. Adding as a community wiki Answer and removing the solution edits from the Question. Found the Kindle using the sniffing technique described below. However I'd still like ...
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Any way to find a lost Kindle inside a house?

Let me share my solution here, especially as the ideas from this post helped me a lot. So you gave me the idea that the Kindle updates its contents once a day so must connect to WiFi. My router has no ...
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kindle not connecting to wi-fi

No. I don't think it's because of your kindle discharged to 0. Many times my kindle also goes to Zero percentage but it connected to wifi again once I charge my kindle. If you can reset your kindle I ...
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Is it possible (and how do I do it) to set up my Kindle to talk to Calibre over Wifi, instead of talking to Amazon?

Kindle devices have the ability to receive books via a special email address. Each kindle has a unique address ending in You can use Calibre to send the books via email to your kindle ...
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