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cause two or more different devices to have the same 'memory' of a transaction, where the event only occurred on one device

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Synchronization Kindle between Macbook Pro and tablet

I want to read and edit books and pdfs on all my devices(Macbook Pro, Ipad Pro and Samsung Galaxy A7). I tried Kindle for this. However, Kindle for mac is not compatible with others. When I use ...
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Show books of device that are missing in calibre

How can I show books that are on the device, but not present in the local Calibre library? I have installed Calibre on multiple computers. Naturally, my eBook device ends up with the complete ...
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Kindle Reader no longer syncing correctly

My Kindle 3rd gen has recently started not syncing to the right spot; it asks me if I want to go to the furthest pg read and I click "yes" and it goes but not far enough. It used to work ...
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Syncing highlights made on kindle with kindle for Mac

I have a Kindle Paperwhite, on which I've transferred books from my Mac using calibre. While reading on my kindle, I've made some notes and highlights. How do I go about syncing these highlights and ...
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How to update the firmware for a K3 Kindle keyboard from Linux?

From Linux, how do I update a K3 Kindle from 3.4 to 3.4.2 version? This is a slightly different question than previous because it's Linux specific. My device is: Kindle Keyboard 3G (Free 3G + Wi-...
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collection shows as empty and refuses to populate -- not syncing properly

I had a few collections on the Amazon Kindle web interface populated with books purchased through Amazon, readable through the web reader. However, I wasn't able get my Kindle to sync with the cloud ...
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E-reader that syncs progress across Linux and Android?

I've found some e-readers that support Linux and Android such as FBReader, but are there any that can sync progress across the two?
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Kindle collections and books not synching properly

I'm trying to organize my books and collections through the "Manage your content and devices" on the website. Frequently, I have success. But recently I've been getting very frustrated. ...
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How to sync mp3 audiobook to mobi ebook on Kindle for Android?

I installed Kindle for Android in my phone. I have ebook in mobi format and mp3. The mp3 is an audiobook for the ebook. I have put the mobi and mp3 in the Kindle folder. The ebook can read but how do ...
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Wireless sync third-party ebooks from a cloud storage to iPad

I have some third-party ebooks and I want to wirelessly sync them to my grandmother's iPad and minimize the effort on her part. The best possible scenario would be for me to upload the files in some ...
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Is there a way to sync or update Wattpad reading progress on Goodreads?

Can the Wattpad reading progress be synced on Goodreads? If not officially, I would be interested also in a workaround, since Wattpad does not have page numbers for doing so. It updates the progress ...
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Some Kindle books on my pc do not appear on my Android

I started with Kindle for PC - recently I have added an Android tablet. Most books have synced OK between the two devices. But 3 books on my PC - Pride and Prejudice, Aesop's Fables, and Treasure ...
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Is there any ebook reader that can synchronize the bookmarks across PC(windows, osx), iOS, android devices?

I am looking for a reader that can synchronize the bookmark at which we last read and can continue from where we left? I have a surface, macbook, ipad, and a samsung tab across which I would like to ...
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Is there a way to sync reading progress across multiple devices and platforms?

I know you can already do this for the Kindle and between Android devices with say Moon+ reader installed. What I meant is for EPUBs and between platforms. I would like to read on my Android phone for ...
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Syncing Kindle for PC with Kindle for Samsung and Kindle for IPad

I've searched but been unable to see a solution. I previously synced my various devices after receiving advice to put my books into collections via Kindle for PC. I have now again worked on my ...
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Is there an Android reading app that synchronizes across devices?

I have been using Aldiko and Kindle for reading on my Android devices, but I find it annoying to always have to convert epub books to mobi format just so I can synchronize them across devices using ...
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Is it possible to sync ebook app with desktop applications?

Would it be possible to connect an ebook app directly to its PC application equivalent, so that it can synchronise its library without going across the Internet to the store? e.g. A PC may have a ...
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How to synchronize Kindle collections across all devices, including older Kindles?

I have just started organizing collections on my bottom-of-the-line Kindle (the Kindle 4?). Despite selecting "annotations sync and backup" I'm not seeing these collections appear on my iPad and ...
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