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As Donald points out in his answer, (new) devices would have to support SVG 'images' as support for SVG is specified in the EPUB 3.0 standard. For line drawings, but also for zoomable images (maps come to mind), this is a vastly superior format over any pixel based file format. How soon that adaptation will happen will be influenced by how easy it is to ...


The ePub 3.0 standard specifically names SVG as one of the core media types to be supported. The 2.0 standard also names SVG as one of the supported types in the img tag documentation. So any device supporting ePub would have to be able to handle an SVG image, which is the vast majority.


The 2014.1 version of the "Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines" indicates support for many SVG elements -- including -- see page 26. I'm not entirely sure whether the svg can include embedded bitmaps though. Also, has some entries for device support by svg feature. Significantly I note that Kindle data has not been filled in, ...


This article from 2013 says: for some reason, SVG image support in modern products is still a kind of an afterthought, and it shows. The EPUB standards authors were nice enough to include support for these files in the EPUB standards, which is great in principle, yet they included content negotiation mechanisms so that SVG support is still technically ...


Since you can only specify one size, and not have the selected image depend on the devices resolution, you best take something that is as large as the largest expected screen format. I would at least go for 758 × 1024, but you can consult this table and decide for yourself. Scaling down is normally OK, whereas scaling up always introduces artefacts.


This is not strictly an answer to your question, but... I can't read your file but I have had a look at the epub and the pdf from It seems to me that it would be a simply immense amount of work to format that book satisfactorily as xhtml for use on an ereader. It looks to me to be a case where the pdf has a definite advantage. If you are going ...

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