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Which ereaders support the EPUB3 format?

http://epubtest.org/ is very current and provides stats on overall eReader support as well as support for individual ePub 3 features. It would appear this site is updated regularly and is likely to ...
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Which ereaders support the EPUB3 format?

There is no one reader that works across platforms. For a large and fully-loaded ePub3 ebook, the following readers will work pretty well. No reader is perfect, but these ones have minimal issues. ...
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Are back-of-the-book indexes useful?

Yes! Indexes are useful because they can contain entries pointing the reader to a page which discusses a topic without actually mentioning the topic's word. E.G. A biography might talk about a person'...
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How well is SVG (being a "pixel image" alternative) supported?

This article from 2013 says: for some reason, SVG image support in modern products is still a kind of an afterthought, and it shows. The EPUB standards authors were nice enough to include support ...
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Adding Page Numbers in Word

To do this, you will need to use Sections. Also, when you create a new section, make sure to disable the "Link to Previous" option so that the formatting starts where you want it to. Make sure your ...

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