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Are image subfolders allowed in Sigil?

After doing more research, I've learned that Calibre allows subfolders in the Images folder but Sigil doesn't. There are some suggestions that you can tweak Sigil to allow subfolders, but I haven't ...
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Whats the best program to use to make ebooks

I don't know a lot about sigil, but I have made a book with footnotes, and I have been using an xml editor with docbook to generate an epub with footnotes. Works well. Unless you're already fluent ...
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I have a weird error on Sigil regarding my fonts

Reposting an edit from above. Ah, I managed to figure out the solution. So basically, the opf referenced the font as Fonts/GoudyOldstyle-Regular.otf, but my @font-face referenced ../Fonts/...
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Can epub software be used to create an online web document?

SIGIL is probably not your best tool for creating static HTML files although it's not impossible. The main goal of sigil is to produce an epub file, and to read an epub in the browser, you'd need to ...
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Join broken paragraphs Regex Sigil

Sigil's regex engine is kind of fussy; I'm not sure that the anonymous answer above would work. I answered this on Quora, but I'll post the answer again here, because it seems like that would be ...

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