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Are image subfolders allowed in Sigil?

After doing more research, I've learned that Calibre allows subfolders in the Images folder but Sigil doesn't. There are some suggestions that you can tweak Sigil to allow subfolders, but I haven't ...
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Punctuation Moved to Beginning of Line?

Look in the epub OPF file (open it in Calibre, Sigil, or a text editor) to see if any foreign language code is added that uses a RTL setting. For you the correct setting should be 'en-us' or 'en' (if ...
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Trying to repair unresolved hyperlinks in TOCs that crop up from time to time in conversions

I learned about Calibre's ability to edit and attempt to repair these types of issues. Bring it into Calibre's book editor w/ 'T' and do a repair check and allow it to repair what it can. This took ...
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Can epub software be used to create an online web document?

SIGIL is probably not your best tool for creating static HTML files although it's not impossible. The main goal of sigil is to produce an epub file, and to read an epub in the browser, you'd need to ...
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