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I beleive you are asking "can the power usage of an eink screen be quantified?" As long as you don't change the page/image it is not using anypower. E Ink's technology is commonly referred to as "bistable". What does this mean? Bistable means that the image on an E Ink screen will be retained even when all power sources are removed. In practice, this ...


Although you cannot stream from any Kindle directly (except for the Kindle Fire HD), you can download any of your Kindle books to a PC or laptop and read them using the PC Kindle App, and you would be able to stream that.


The Kindle eInk devices do not run the Android OS, they run Linux. I believe most of the other eInk devices run Linux as well. That being said, your question is difficult to answer because the energy usage of an eInk screen is so much lower and the way energy is used is very different. The easiest answer to your question is that 1% is as accurate an ...


No, unless you completely replace the software on the device. The mini-USB is not capable of connecting to external devices. The software included by Amazon doesn't allow you to remote the screen over WiFi to another device.


The Triton display is an E Ink display so it should greatly reduced power consumption when compared to a conventional LCD display. According to the E Ink website the Triton display has a similar crispness as an monochrome E Ink display. The price for the Ectaco Jetbook Color using this display is $499.95. However the price of future color E Ink displays ...


Some where (I can't find it right now), I read that 72 characters per line was best for reading comprehension. When there was less than this the end of line moving your eye to the begging of the next line slowed you down, and when there was more than this following lines become more difficult, because you have to move your head which makes eye tracking more ...


Try the following: Open a book. Tap Aa. Select Page > Orientation


There are eink devices out there running Android and allowing access to the system preferences, namely rooted devices. Those can give you exactly that graph. Here is an image of the graph as of my device: But as others noted due to the technology difference the percent value of the display usage does not make any sense here. It is not very helpful without ...

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