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want to convert OCR PDF to computer font

The problem is that the original image of the text is "in front" of the actual digital text of the PDF. Figure 1: How layers are stacked in a PDF PDF is composed of overlapping visible and ...
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How to OCR tables of contents to proper outputs?

Define what is: "fix it at the first place". If you want to fix wrong output from OCR analysis, a simple solution on an infinite set of TOCs you will never make. You will never apply all variations. ...
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What is the best way to scan paper books to digital ebooks?

What you want to accomplish is not a quick and easy task. You need to capture images of the book pages, clean the images, and depending on your desire, convert them to text, format them, and generate ...
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Is it possible to move links or ocr layer from a djvu file to another one?

Though you've already solved your djvu problem... This other old software (DjVuToy) offers: Edit, annotations, import, export, make file, hidden text, move pages, add/delete images, delete/add pages, ...
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What is the best way to scan paper books to digital ebooks?

It's probably not relevant to you at this point, but a service called Shelfie used to allow you to purchase heavily discounted digital versions of any physical book you already owned. You had to sign ...
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Standard settings for OCR'ing and compressing a book scan

The answer really depends on your needs, time you might be willing to invest, money you might be willing to spend (for commercial software), and what you are going to do with the result (is it just ...
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Why "compress images using MRC" is always grey in ABBYY FineReader?

It seems to be disabled when the document color mode is set to black & white rather than full color.
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How to skip those hyphens while searching in acrobat

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking for a way to automatically double-check an OCR conversion from image to text. I'm afraid that is not possible: checking would require conversion ...
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