For editing an EPub, I would look into sigil. It has the ability of WYSIWYG editing and comes recommended by other users on this forum. It's free and open-source. An alternative is Calibre. Editing EPubs is a bit more code-centric in contrast to sigil. It's also free and open-source. For some comparisons between the two programs, check out this blog. As ...


Perhaps this might help: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/the-secret-nook-simple-touch-web-browser.html Relevant quote: With the NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight and the original operating system, the process is a bit more complex: Connect to a WiFi network, use the Quick Nav Bar to go to Settings, and then choose Connect your Facebook, ...


There is no such thing. I've done extensive research. For Amazon's platform, there is the Kindle Previewer, but it has so many bugs that I think it is mostly worthless. The fundamental problem is that every device and app has their own hidden stylesheet that will override yours. None of these stylesheets are documented and figuring out what they do is ...


Over time, grease and grime from fingers transfers to the display and can cause touch sensitivity to become erratic. Simply clean the Nook display with a water-dampened cloth and touch sensitivity will return to normal.


Unless you root your Nook, it has not been easy to access a web browser since firmware update 1.1.0 (November 7, 2011). It used to be easy prior to 1.1.0. There were some rumors earlier this year that NST would get a browser in a mid year firmware update but so far as I know, that never happened. Note that 1.1.0 and future versions of the Nook have much ...


To inspect the CSS rules inside the EPUB file, you can load it with a browser-based reader (for example Readium). All major browsers have code inspectors where you can modify the CSS in realtime. For the rules that are added by the E-reader devices, I don't know a good way either. This page talks about a NOOK emulator, maybe that can help.


Moon+ Reader can sync between devices, via Dropbox or Google Drive. It, too, has an ugly UI... but not, I seem to recall, as poor as PageTurner.


I found that the elastic straps of the cover I was using (one at each corner) had permanently deformed the nook st sufficiently to unalign the IR light grid over the screen. I'm now getting the nook to respond by bending the top front corners forward to realign the ir grid.(by placing my thumb at top front centre and my index and little fingers on the back ...

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