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Personally, I never minify code in ebooks. A big part of the reason for that is that unlike many here, I don't use Sigil or Calibre to edit my epub files—I use either Notepad++ or Geany depending on the OS I'm working in. Because I'm always working with the code, it does nothing but make my life harder if I've minified the whole thing and the client ...


@Morne's answer is correct; you cannot totally disable the NCX file but of course you don't have to put anything (or very much) in it. However, another option might be to build an ePub 3 file - the NCX is optional in ePub 3, so you could just omit it. That said, I do not know how existing readers render ePubs which do not contain an NCX.


You cannot deactivate/remove the ncx file. As the epub will not validate without it. Why dont you just simply remove all the links from within it, that way, if a reader does open it up in a sidebar it will simply show a blank screen. Not really user friendly though. I would recommend you add atleast one entry, pointing to the start of your book or your "...

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