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First, I don't have any insight into CLI calibre and you might get a better answer from Mobileread or by posting a bug, but my guess is that the # character must be reserved exclusively for fragment identifiers for HTML. So it is most likely a feature, not a bug. Think about it. If the file name were allowed to contain a #, then you would not be able to ...


Converting from mobi to pdf is almost always going to be a problem. Both are rendered formats. The problem could come from anywhere. Two ideas: First, try to obtain an epub copy instead of a mobi file. It's easier to convert from epub to pdf than from mobi to pdf. Try decompiling the mobi file (go to mobileread to find a tool that can do so). Possibly ...


I’m not sure you can generate an AZK from the command line. From Note that Kindle Previewer is currently the only way to generate AZK files for iOS use. Not the answer you seek, but an answer.

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