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Personally I keep my entire library on calibre, which is installed on my PC, and I make regular backups to ensure the books remain safe. Easy to move them back and forth between devices. See Related post here calibre


Based on the comment thread, you want to edit the text of the book. The comment thread is going entirely in the wrong direction. The first point to understand is that .mobi is essentially just a .epub file wrapped up in Amazon's proprietary code. Kindle Unpack (Google it) is a free utility that will break open the mobi package so you can access the HTML ...


I've been converting PDF to other formats for over 3 years. I've converted at least 20 books. A PDF file is not easily convertible, except for text paragraphs. I have a lot of experience extracting text from PDF. PDF is an endpoint, not meant for further processing or extracting of text. You will find you have a LOT of problems extracting images and tables....

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