I wrote a small python script to do that. pip install epub Install the epub library and run the below script with a sibling directory containing all your epub files to be renamed. import os import glob import epub dirName = "books" #the folder containing your epub files, should be in the #directory which contains the script. ...


since nobody answered, I did a search and found ebook-tools. Probably organize-ebooks.sh would have been the best choice, but I tried rename-calibre-library.sh and after a long sed script I ended up with the result I needed.


Ok, so since nobody has ANY info on this online and this is the top search results. Here is what you are looking for. exiftool -a -u -g1 nameofthe.epub. This line gives you a giant output of all the metadata tags you can extract using exiftool. exiftool -t -Title -Creator -PublicationDate -CreatorFile-as nameofthe.epub this is how you use it. If you push -t ...

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