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Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application available. You can download from here which is available for all operating systems. Adobe Digital Editions is also one of the e-book manager by Adobe. You can access it from here. Alfa Ebooks Manager features a lot of templates and options for library vizualization. Besides, it allows ...


Calibre It is the leading ebook management tool. However, you should be aware when you do add a title into Calibre it will embed a bookmark file in the META-INF folder and will modify your .opf file. Other than that it is avaiable for all environments: Calibre for Windows; 64-bit Calibre for Mac Linux; How to install on Ubunutu: sudo add-apt-repository ...


Jeboorker is also a look worth. I use it to manage my local epub and pdf ebooks. It's open source, and available for Linux and Windows. You can downlaod it here.


Google Play Books is a good cloud option. They have iphone, android, and web. If you are looking for conversion functionality and more than just a library / reading, calibre as mentioned is useful.


I don't think text-align left and Justify text have anything to do with one another. Justification is usually controlled by the reading system, while text-align left is the default behavior for text. The css property text-align mainly has to do with alignment inside of a box (usually a single line). You could use another css property to scoot the text to the ...


Try the Adobe Digital Editions apps for macOS or iOS. Also check out Menestrello and the free Menestrello media overlay epub3 books. If you're a software developer, also check out Minstrel.

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