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I can answer in regards to the Los Angeles City public libraries, and I suspect that many libraries in the United States use the same system. They have a dedicated page explaining the e-media options available to their members. From this page it seems that there are quite a few companies/subcontracters that they use to handle the transfer of ebooks from the ...


That's going to vary by the library system. Not all library chains support lending ebooks. My local library system only started that in the last few years. Even with the system that's available, there's only a finite number of titles available, and a limited number of copies per title. My local library also lends out Kobo e-reader devices. My local library ...


If you own a Kindle e-reader AND if you pay the $79 annual fee for PRIME ("free" shipping) at, you can make use of the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. There are currently 476,987 titles in the Lending Library — each month you can check out one of these books. (This is how I read Catching Fire, book 2 of the Hunger Games trilogy, last year.) On ...


It depends on your locale, as others said. A small library in Armpit, NW may not have that ability. New York Public Library (one of the premier ones) most certainly does: - explains their book sources (including Overdrive - same as London - as well as TumbleBook, 3M Cloud etc..)


The downloadLibrary (powered by Overdrive) allows me to use my local library card (or anyone with a library card to certain Southern Ontario libraries) to access ebooks and put books on hold. Various smart devices and dedicated ereaders are supported.


The county library for Portland Oregon offers Hoopla for streaming media as well as 3M Digital Library and Overdrive for ebooks. But, then, we love our libraries!


I live in the USA. Several places I've lived offer free access to ebooks from local libraries. A common way seems to be through using Adobe Digital Editions. This program does the following: You pair it with your ebook-reading device on your local computer. The program checks the book out from the library in your name. The program puts it on your ebook-...


There aren’t many choices. The most simple is to have a cloud-like space/service or simply a shared intranet directory. The need for controlling readers requires much more and is typically dependent on a special app or DRM. This issue is typically a thing for bigger companies like publishers or libraries (Adobe Content Server, Azardi Online). If it is ...

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