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How can I upload my 100+ ebook collection to kindle cloud?

If you use the Send to Kindle function, your books may end up stored as Documents. Kindle ownership gives 5 GB Cloud storage, so log into your Cloud Storage first and see how much you are already ...
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Can I store my Kobo library on a PC to prevent lengthy download times

Absolutely. Download & install Adobe Digital Editions ( Follow the instructions here
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Are there libraries which lend ebooks to non residents?

I know this is an old question, but since no one else has answered it... I did a quick Google search for "libraries for non-residents" and found a nice Wikipedia link that lists a number of libraries ...
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Kindle paperwhite ver. - how to bring back one-click book open?

GO back to previous home screen menu following these steps: Go to home screen and press menu button (It is on top right of screen) Select settings Select device options Select personalize your ...
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self-hosted, self-updating book repository

At this time, I'd say "no". When you read an epub in Calibre's internal reader it sets a bookmark in a file inside the epub, but most readers set that bookmark in a related (usually sqlite) database. ...
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Are there any solutions available for managing a corporate library of ebooks?

BookFusion allows businesses to create their own public or private digital library to legally distribute, ebooks, manuals, white papers and other digital content securely to your customers or ...
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