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I have had anything that resembles a commercial book be silently rejected, while clearly non-commercial documents (personal documents, scraped web serial novels) go through successfully (in about 20min), even if they're very long. That may be the issue here. I stopped using it for that reason. Try sending an obviously non-commercial document and see if that ...


There is nothing wrong with Amazon service only it seems that during this course of 10 years Amazon has change its on-line converter policy. Right now, if someone from an unauthorised email address will try to send a content to your Kindle / your Kindle's emails address then that person will not be notified at all. Only you (Kindle owner) will get a ...


Ok, much to my surprise, I solved this. I had to delete my (empty) Clippings file, then connect to the internet, then make a highlight. Apparently the issue was somehow caused by synchronization, because after doing this my highlights and notes appear on my Clippings file again, even if I'm not connected to the internet.

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