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bulk conversion of EPUB for Kindle (mobi)

In Calibre You can select several books at once, and hit convert. It is an old feature, described on the official blog: Bulk convert: Calibre allows you to convert books in bulk. You can select a ...
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2 votes

How do I transfer my kindle collection to my new computer

After adding your new PC to your Amazon account as a Kindle device, and after downloading Kindle software onto your new PC, then open the Kindle program, and choose Collections, click the plus sign, ...
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collection shows as empty and refuses to populate -- not syncing properly

I think I see the problem (or one problem at least). I have a massive set of collections on the kindle app for android. (Like 50 collections holding 2000 or more ebooks). But when I install the ...
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1 vote

How to load large mobi files on a Kindle e-reader?

Usually a .mobi file actually includes a couple copies of the book in different formats. Is the .mobi file much larger (like, multiple times) than the epub file? This is the giveaway. The KindleStrip ...
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Kindle Cloud Reader can't open this book

The Kindle Cloud Reader is a Kindle Web App which anables us read Kindle books online. As my own guess, Amazon use this web app to allow us to read kindle books online, and most of those contents are ...
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