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Can I make my ebook free while retaining the paperback available on KDP

Paperback and ebook are two different items, as far as KDP is concerned. I have published some paper book without the Kindle version (which is free on my site) and nobody ever complained.
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Kindle Book published old version

To answer your last question, no it should not be necessary to contact support to receive an updated version of an ebook. If a kindle account has chosen to enable automatic updates, these updates ...
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Can my self published book on Amazon KDP, be distributed via other channels?

Yes, in most cases, you retain the rights to your self-published book, and you can choose to distribute it through other channels besides Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). However, you should ...
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Can I make direct citation on Kindle books?

I suggest writing a message to the U.S. Copyright Office, link and try to find a solution for you, a fair use, reading information from the link : https://www.copyright....
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how to NOT have calibre reduce pictures' resolution when converting from epub (or anything I guess) to MOBI

If you go to: Preferences->Preferences->Common Options->Page Setup you can set the Output Profile to Tablet. The Profile description reads: Intended for generic tablet devices, does no resizing ...
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My Amazon book does not have links from ToC to chapters, why?

Piece of advice. When troubleshooting, I would make your output an epub file to make it easier to see what is wrong. An epub can be unzipped (you have to change the file extension --- so you can ...
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Publishing HTML to Kindle - Encoding problem

I don't have the answer to your question. But here's a very helpful resource which lets you test all kinds of characters and if necessary substitute unicode characters
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