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Because otherwise Amazon would have to give Apple a cut of the 'in-app purchases'. One article on the subject.


I haven't tested on ios for a few months, but my experience has been that the differences between ios and other platforms in the last 2 or 3 years have reduced considerably. A while back I compiled a list of the included fonts for each platform (including ios). What are serif and sans serif fonts on different ebook reading systems? When I test on ios, I ...


A discussion on the MobileRead forums from user jhowell offered this information: KFX minimizes differences among devices, but this format is language-specific and is not available for Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese) yet. The iOS pre-KFX format is based on the same format used for Kindle Cloud Reader. In my case, I found the following differences ...


Amazon went to significant trouble to make it practically impossible to extract a kindle file out of the Kindle app for ios. (They even make it rather hard -- though not impossible to send files directly to the device app without using the cloud). You can use itunes to add a file into the IOS app (using the "File Sharing" function in itunes; connect the ...

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