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Because otherwise Amazon would have to give Apple a cut of the 'in-app purchases'. One article on the subject.


I haven't tested on ios for a few months, but my experience has been that the differences between ios and other platforms in the last 2 or 3 years have reduced considerably. A while back I compiled a list of the included fonts for each platform (including ios). What are serif and sans serif fonts on different ebook reading systems? When I test on ios, I ...


I’m not sure you can generate an AZK from the command line. From Note that Kindle Previewer is currently the only way to generate AZK files for iOS use. Not the answer you seek, but an answer.


A discussion on the MobileRead forums from user jhowell offered this information: KFX minimizes differences among devices, but this format is language-specific and is not available for Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese) yet. The iOS pre-KFX format is based on the same format used for Kindle Cloud Reader. In my case, I found the following differences ...


Amazon went to significant trouble to make it practically impossible to extract a kindle file out of the Kindle app for ios. (They even make it rather hard -- though not impossible to send files directly to the device app without using the cloud). You can use itunes to add a file into the IOS app (using the "File Sharing" function in itunes; connect the ...

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