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Can my self published book on Amazon KDP, be distributed via other channels?

Yes, in most cases, you retain the rights to your self-published book, and you can choose to distribute it through other channels besides Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). However, you should ...
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How do I know how many pages my manuscript will make in kindle ebook format?

It's hard to validate the average number of words per page or the total number of pages in an eBook beforehand but there is a method to find how many pages we will end up with, in our eBook. Just use ...
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How to distribute self-published pdf widely as we know from eBooks in epub format?

One simple solution is to sell them on payhip. Easy to set up, no cost, special digital watermarking for PDFs, high earnings, NO DRM. (A similar solution is gumroad, but I prefer payhip). The ...
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How to tell whether a Google Play eBook is bootlegged/pirated?

It's very common for the listing for publisher to be the company that formatted and produced the ebook. I wouldn't read too much significance into that. Sometimes this conversion services just ...
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List of places to publish free ebook in PDF format is specially for free ebooks. And then there is the self-publishing platform of Gutenberg Project.
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List of places to publish free ebook in PDF format

Scribd ( will let you publish a pdf for free. If your original manuscript was written in latex you could also convert that to an epub, although that it can involve a little ...
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