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There's a pretty lengthy write-up on HuffPo. Short version: For one week each year, Rita Toews, 61, a soft-spoken mother of two and grandmother of one, sits at the center of the ebook universe. Operating from a spare bedroom in her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her cat Lola by her side ("Every author needs a cat," she says), Ms. Toews is ...


Even though you tried to specify it, the answer still depends a lot on your definition of "book" and "electronic device". Wikipedia has a whole section on History of Ebooks. The quoted term "talking books" most likely refers to something we would call "Audiobooks" today, which even preceded the invention of electronics. Wikipedia on Gramophone Records On ...


I think NuvoMedia's Rocket eBook was the first e-reading device. IIRC it was released in 1998. SoftBook also made a pre-1999 e-reader; it was the confluence of two competing technologies (plus Microsoft's software reader) that led to the formation of the Open eBook Foundation and the creation of a single, open e-book format.


That would be the Sony Librie, forerunner of the Sony Reader line. It was introduced in 2004 and originally available only in Japan. The Sony Reader line was introduced in 2006 and was one of the first readers available in the US. More information about various readers, dates they were introduced and capabilities can be found here (though the Librie is not ...

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