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Ebooks file naming scheme -- Books in a series

If you are using Calibre, its database is already set to have each piece of information about a book in its proper field (i.e., there will be a field for the title, another for the author, another one ...
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How convert multi-column PDF files to readable PDF in 6 inches display devices?

I found PaperCrop a very useful and powerful tool. It is free and highly customizable so you can either relay to automatic detection of columns and sections by program or customize each page format.
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Can a PDF run scripts or code?

Yes, it can JavaScript or what they call as Acrobat Javascript , but not all the PDF viewer can are designed to follow the Adobe Javascript API. There are few limitations defined in the API, it can ...
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How convert multi-column PDF files to readable PDF in 6 inches display devices?

I have created a python code for this purpose. It solves my problem and hope it will be helpful for others. Background : I had 2 sided pdf document which I had to zoom for clarity. I decide to create ...
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Is there an ebook format that stores annotations in the ebook file itself?

The KDE linux program Okular has the ability to store annotations inside PDF files: By default, Okular saves annotations in the local data directory for each user. Since KDE 4.9, it's optionally ...
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How well is SVG (being a "pixel image" alternative) supported?

This article from 2013 says: for some reason, SVG image support in modern products is still a kind of an afterthought, and it shows. The EPUB standards authors were nice enough to include support ...
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Creating an eBook with GIF animations

We can integrate the gif format in epub3 packages say as a background to div container or another option would be convert gif to mp4 format.
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Convert epub to epub, to do more heuristic processing

Use the command-line tool [Manual] If you use the command-line tool, you can do just this. Though you need to make sure the input filename and the output filename differ. for example ebook-convert ...
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How to correct unicode errors after converting file format?

Originally Posted by mrh882 View Post I have an ebook that looks fine in Calibre and the Kindle viewer. No weird characters. When I send it to my K3, however, I get squares with question marks in ...
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Lookinɡ for online document to epub converter

The best results I've had are with the built-in converter in Calibre. Calibre is an installed application, available for many platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. An advantage of using an ...
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I need to know what format can be used on my kindle Oasis 2019 to save up the most space?

I haven't tested this, but my first guess is just dumping it into a DOCX file and then using Calibre or Kindle Previewer to make a mobi file. That compresses the files significantly. Docx is a very ...
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SD Cards with Unusual File Types

This sounds like IMP format. The IMP file is a container for other directories files, namely (1) directories ending in .RES and (2) files ending in .FRK and .INF. From mobileread.com (no affiliation): ...
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Is there any way to remove DRM from DAISY ebooks?

I have no idea on how to solve the general problem of DRM removal. Depending on where you live, it may actually be very much against the law. Furthermore, as I said in a comment, DAISY books come in ...
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How convert multi-column PDF files to readable PDF in 6 inches display devices?

I found this small Java utility [1]. Very simple to setup and quick to use and gives a pretty nice result on my Kindle. [1] https://www.cp.eng.chula.ac.th/~somchai/cut2col/
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