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Amazon and Apple have their own DRM schemes and you won't be able to create an ereader that opens books from their stores. But most others use Adobe DRM, and you can license Adobe's Reader Mobile SDK to do this. ARMSDK is very expensive (when I was involved with a related project many years ago, it was many thousands of dollars a year for a license), and it ...


Most likely you downloaded a partial file or it was corrupted somehow. Just delete it from your device and try again. (Alternatively, remove it by going to Manage Your Content and Devices. Don't delete the ebook from all devices, just the one device you are working on. Failing that, you can also contact Oreilly or even the author and include a receipt. ...


Baen Books and Tor publish without DRM.

1 has plenty in their DRM-free section. You can also filter your searches by DRM-free content.


I have purchased several Tor books on Google Play that are DRM-free and they work perfectly. Before buying, look for the "This content is DRM free" label in the book details. Then, after purchase, visit your book library on a computer (, click the dots on the book to get a menu that includes "Download EPUB", which you ...

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