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Why is Hard copy book black and white, but Ebook is color?

Obviously cost is the major concern, but often the importance of having color graphics in a printed book is overrated. For example, I have published a few print technical books with lots of ...
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Maintain font color when changing background color in ebook

Amazon may have resolved this for us, or it's just one of those things that worked itself out. I haven't changed the CSS at all after posting the question, but I DID convert the book to KFX format ...
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Can the same book be published at Amazon in colour for the Kindle app and black and white for print?

Welcome. Publishing both B/W as well as full color books/eBooks is certainly viable at Amazon (because when its done through other channels such as Lulu, Ingram, etc its often recognized at Amazon (if ...
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Maintain font color when changing background color in ebook

To accomplish this, you would need to write a css media query supported in kindle which detects whether night mode is activated. Here's a two year old thread about the topic. Not very useful, btw, ...
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