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Some options are: There is Kindle Collection Manager (I didn't try that.) Here are some instructions. And here you can find the developer. Calibre also has a Kindle Collection manager plugin, here is a howto, a semi-official forum.


Maybe you can have a good look at this free tool: KDeasy Kindle Manager Freeware. It's available on Win and Mac, no need to jailbreak your Kindle devices.


I am not aware if it is such a tool/service/API, and generally publishers don't offer APIs IMHO mainly because copyright infringement sites or concurrent businesses might use them. So you need to take a custom approach, using URL because most of the sites use GET method to do their queries and do some data-mining using scripts (wget/selenium etc). You ...


This is a great question, and I don't have any inside knowledge about how search engines interpret metadata for books. I checked the source of several book distributors and found that there's an open graph generator for books. http://webcodetools.com/open-graph-generator/book Librarything, Smashwords and Harper Row publishers embed ebook info in these ...


I have tried many programs but all of them are still in the experimental stage. Note that at this moment (Oct 2015) NO PROGRAM has support for Kindle v5.6 +. I contacted developers of KDEasy and they quickly answered: So far we don't see any possibility to support 5.6, Amazon blocked all the solutions. Sorry for that. Regards, KDeasy Product Manager ...

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