Karen Woodward wrote a blog on How To Use Permanently Free Books To Increase Sales. ONe topic her blog entry focuses on is how Lindsay Buroker used the power of perma-free and how it can increase awareness of your books to increase sales. What ended up working for Lindsay was making one of her books permanently free and distributing it as widely as ...


It has become very common for publishers to provide free copies of the first book in a series. So common that the ebook deal site BookBub has pages of links to free ebooks - some deals are ongoing and some just for a limited time.


The eARC (electronic Advance Reader Copy) editions vary widely in quality because the editor, proofreader and copy editor haven't got their hands dirty. Some are great, some are OK. In every case the final book is better. If you are thinking about self publishing I recommend reading both versions of at least one book. You will come to appreciate Eric Flint's ...

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