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After several hours of frustration and searching in internet (seriously, after like 3 hours), suddenly I remember the console. Hit F12 to open Chrome console and what a surprise: an error: Mixed Content: The site at '' was loaded over a secure connection, but the file at '**HERE COMES THE DOWNLOAD URL**' was redirected through an ...


I had the same problem. I contacted Amazon to solve it. The problem was a software update. Apparently, my kindle did not update vis wifi, so I updated it via manually via their website.


I have this issue as well Fix that works for me: Delete book Restart kindle Download book Read book I read somewhere that it could be an issue relating to low battery, but this morning it happened with 54% power.


This is a good, common question that seems to have an answer here: Trouble hooking up Goodreads with sideloaded ebook on Kindle Paperwhite I have found the best way to get it 100 percent working is this: If your book is not already in AZW3 format then convert it. (Has to be AZW3 and not just AZW.) Secondly, highlight the book and edit metadata. ...

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