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There is no out of the box possibility. The easiest way would be to convert the file to pdf, of course this would make the DjVu advantages disappear. The alternative is to modify your Kindle by installing a compatible reader. One possibility that is still actively developed is Librerator (which is also a superior for viewing larger pdfs). You will however ...


What I always do to read DjVu ebooks on my Kindle is the following (In case they do not contain important images). I convert them to plain text using: https://www.djvu-pdf.com/ - just choose the convert to plain text option after uploading your file I open the text file with my Kindle. Like that you have the freedom to adapt font size etc.


I achieved it with using DjVuLibre If you install the djvulibre-bin (Ubuntu install link) package, you will now have the djvups command, which converts a DejaVu file to PostScript .ps. You can then use any tool (like ps2pdf) to turn that .ps into a .pdf. Full command sequence djvups original_file.djvu temp.ps ps2pdf temp.ps outputfile.pdf rm temp.ps In my ...


You can use Duokan. It is available for Kindle 2, 3, 4, 5 and DX versions. It's upgrade and it's safe. The extension allows Kindle to work with EPUB, CHM, DOC, TXT, ZIP, RAR, JPG, PNG, BMP and DJVU formats. Supports fonts in ttf format. Allows smart display PDF pages: Classic view | Smart view Installation files: K3 | Kindle 4 contactless | Kindle 4 ...

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