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A brand of e-book readers and tablet devices produced by Amazon.

1 vote

What should I consider when purchasing a solar charger for my Kindle?

I have a Solio Classic2 3 panel 3,200mah solar charger and it works extremely well for all devices. It has 2 different charge settings, one for simple smartphones and one for larger tablet devices. I …
  • 23
0 votes

I can't find the mobi format ebooks I copied from my computer to my kindle via usb, what sho...

You may want to check the settings on your pc, in particular the mobi files themselves. I'm not sure, but I've had "missing" files before. Try right clicking on the file and selecting "properties". Fr …
  • 23
0 votes

damaged kindle- change lines per page?

In your case, I assume most of the content you are displaying on your b&w Kindle is plain text with an occasional image. …
  • 23