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A brand of e-book readers and tablet devices produced by Amazon.

No, there does not seem to be a way to only look for books in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (prime). I tried several searches and different ways of looking, no options is found. Note: that I …
answered Jan 31 '14 by James Jenkins
Both existing answers are mostly correct. To expand a little: Copyright laws vary by country. For example, Wikisource contains works that are considered public domain by United States law. BUT that …
answered Feb 27 '14 by James Jenkins
I have a kindle keyboard, and was having similar problems with freezing getting more and more common. I had about 700 different works on it, but it reported it still had lots of room left on the … kindle keyboard. Leaving a few reference books and a dozen or so in my going to read soon file. I now keep my "library" organized on Calibre (backup to an external hard drive). This has solved the …
answered Mar 6 '14 by James Jenkins
I am guessing you have already found Amazon's Organizing Your Kindle Content. If every book on your devices is from Amazon, then you can do some organizing at 'Your Account' > 'Manage Your Device … ' > 'Your Kindle Library' or by using the cloud. If you have works from anyplace else, then the prospects get worse. I personally have some OCD issues that require my books be in some kind of order …
answered Dec 29 '13 by James Jenkins
I have mostly been reading works from Smashwords on my Kindle white. I keep all of my books on Calibre and move them over to my Kindle when ready to read them. I also leave the wireless on so it has … internet access all the time. On or about July 15, Kindle pushed out an upgrade and installed on my kindle white (of course they did not ask they just installed it) at that time I happened to have …
answered Jul 16 '15 by James Jenkins
Personally I keep my entire library on calibre, which is installed on my PC, and I make regular backups to ensure the books remain safe. Easy to move them back and forth between devices. See Relate …
answered Sep 18 by James Jenkins
While changing your battery is an option. I would recommend contacting Kindle support first. Even if the warranty has expired, free or low cost replacement devices can be had. In my experience … to kindle support (don't recall exactly) and I was transferred to a person who seemed to have language and kindle familiarity in common with me. I received an refurbished kindle keyboard in the …
answered Dec 31 '13 by James Jenkins
still following this method, and no method could realistically be permanent in Amazon's ever changing business model. You will still need to check periodically. If your goal is to stay on the "Kindle
answered Jan 2 '14 by James Jenkins