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Ebooks that allow handwritten notes

Is there a place to buy ebooks that allow handwritten notes in the apps used to read them? I'm considering buying etextbooks, and want to be able to write handwritten notes in them with a wacom pad. ...
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How to convert a batch of gif URLS to epub?

I have the pages of a book in the form of over 400 gif URLS. How can I most easily convert into epub format? Thanks!
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Cannot send document to cloud reader

I "sent" a website to Kindle with the Chrome plugin. The sent page shows in "Manage your Content" but I can't find it in the cloud reader. I even added to a collection and ensured it was sent to a ...
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Selectively Pull HTML website book with ToC Links in Frames into an Epub? excluding library links & other books

This is related, but has some issues in working. How can I convert an HTML site into an ebook? Top > Website Menu Left Frame > Table of Contents (Multi Level Nested Tree with JScript I think) ...
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Can I post an ePub book on my website host and then hide a link in a page so only those I want can read the book? Is there HTML code for that?

I have written a small booklet. It will be used in an upcoming event, and I want the leaders to get an advanced epub copy. I would like to attach this to my organizations html website. It would be ...
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Which is best to make ebooks from web pages: dotepub or epubpress?

DotEpub and EpubPress are two extensions to Chrome (and Safari) to produce ebooks from web pages. EpubPress has the advantage that it can have as input up to 30 web pages and compose them into a ...
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