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Ebooks that allow handwritten notes

Is there a place to buy ebooks that allow handwritten notes in the apps used to read them? I'm considering buying etextbooks, and want to be able to write handwritten notes in them with a wacom pad. ...
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Lookinɡ for online document to epub converter

I have been lookinɡ for an free online docx or doc to epub converter, thouɡh somethinɡ always seems to be somethinɡ a bit weird about the converters [not havinɡ imaɡes after conversion, addinɡ extra ...
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How to convert a batch of gif URLS to epub?

I have the pages of a book in the form of over 400 gif URLS. How can I most easily convert into epub format? Thanks!
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Which is best to make ebooks from web pages: dotepub or epubpress?

DotEpub and EpubPress are two extensions to Chrome (and Safari) to produce ebooks from web pages. EpubPress has the advantage that it can have as input up to 30 web pages and compose them into a ...
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Where to go for ebook suggestions?

I'm aware of Goodreads but would be interested in recommendations for where to go for book recommendations, across categories. Certainly there were many articles and lists of books from the end of ...
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Cannot send document to cloud reader

I "sent" a website to Kindle with the Chrome plugin. The sent page shows in "Manage your Content" but I can't find it in the cloud reader. I even added to a collection and ensured it was sent to a ...
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Selectively Pull HTML website book with ToC Links in Frames into an Epub? excluding library links & other books

This is related, but has some issues in working. How can I convert an HTML site into an ebook? Top > Website Menu Left Frame > Table of Contents (Multi Level Nested Tree with JScript I think) ...
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What determines whether or not I can use Pocket for a page on Kobo Reader? [duplicate]

I recently discovered that I could use Pocket to wirelessly send webpages I wanted to read onto my kobo reader. It is great, because it reformats them nicely into something I can adjust the font-size ...
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Can epub software be used to create an online web document?

I would like to create an online web document consisting of HTML files, image files, and PDF files. I want the document to be directly viewable in browsers with no plugin or special server support. I ...
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Many sites propose free or cheap ebooks? Which are legitimate? [closed]

Looking on the web for some ebooks for sale in the right format (EPUB for me), I have been amazed by the number of sites pretending to offer them for free download, even though these are in copyright ...
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Are there any ebook search engines?

Are there any websites that work like ebook search engines, where you can perform a search over multiple stores and have the results sortable and/or filterable for file format, price, presence of DRM, ...
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Are there ways to easily convert chapter-split books from popular fan-fiction sites into single e-book?

Are there ways to easily convert chapter-split books from popular fan-fiction sites into single e-book? Of course, one can either manually download every one of 50+ chapters of a large fic by hand ...
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