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I have a printed version of a book does it allow me to possess an electronic copy?

I have a printed version (i.e. a hardback or paperback) of a book and I wonder whether this allows me to possess an electronic version of it (e.g. .pdf file). Edit: Isn't it allowed by the clause 107....
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What is the difference between giving away my only print copy or my only electronic copy of a book?

The question If a book doesn't have DRM does that mean it is OK to give a copy to my friend to read? has answers implying that without permission there are legal and ethical hurdles in giving away ...
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As a US citizen is it illegal to access an ebook from a country where it is PD, if it is not PD in the US?

I am looking for US laws specifically identifying this scenario, I am not looking for interpretation of the law. I am looking for law relating to personal use/reading only. I stumbled across Planet ...
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Selling ebooks of school textbooks

I have a scan machine at my home so i have scanned a lot of school textbooks to create ebooks. I am wondering if it possible for someone to buy an ebook from me in this manner and for it to be legal. ...
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Can I get an ebook from the library in the United States?

I know Amazon has a program where, if you pay extra, you can borrow ebooks. Just about everyone in the USA pays taxes to support their local Library. Are there any programs that allow library books ...
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3 votes
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When will the Sony PRS-T3 be available in the US?

In the fall, I saw several reviews of the Sony PRS-T3. I've noticed the device is for sale in England and Australia, but the US Sony Store does not list it. Will the PRS-T3 be sold in the US and when ...
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What rights do I have to eBooks I purchase in the U.S.A. as a U.S. citizen?

Is there a government or industry site or document that specifies eBook rights? Examples of what I'd like to know include: Can I duplicate the book onto multiple devices I own? Can I duplicate the ...
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