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Questions tagged [translation]

Changing from one language to another, without altering the meaning.

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Making source language books available in destination language, independently, of publisher, electronically

Nowadays it is possible to purchase some (but not all) books, that are available in paper format, in electronic format. For instance, one may use Google Play Books or Amazon Kindle, to read, books (...
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1 answer

Can Kindle books handle side-by-side texts?

In the realm of bilingual print books, there are many "side-by-side" story books in which one page tells a story in one language, and the facing page tells the same story in another language. This ...
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How do I read a Latin language text, and be able to hold finger on words I don't know for instant definitions?

I can read some Latin, but not enough to finish a book without a dictionary nearby. I'd like to read some old famous writings of the Romans. I'd be curious if anyone's figured out how to do this on ...
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Are books on Wikisource "by definition" fair game for creating ebooks?

There are a few old Mark Twain books on wikisource available in both english and spanish that I would like to combine to create bilingual editions for sale via CreateSpace or Lulu. CreateSpace, at ...
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How can I determine the translator of a wikisource work?

I am considering putting together English/Spanish versions of a few Mark Twain books, such as "The Prince and the Pauper" which can be found here. However, I need to know who translated it into ...
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3 answers

How to manage translations when self-publishing (in-house translation)?

I intend to publish a book in Kindle in both English and Japanese. Right now, I have the English version written in a Microsoft Word document. I would like to start translating the Japanese version ...
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How can I translate my ebook?

I downloaded an important PDF e-book but it is not in English. Is there a software or another way I can translate the entire e-book into English or another language?
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