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Terms of Service. A set of expectations to from a service provider to their customers.

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Are DRM location sensitive?

It is quite frequent that a book available for sale in North America is not available in Europe, and conversely. However, it is quite legal to buy a book on one continent and to carry it with you when ...
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How can non-US customers buy Kindle Active Content

Kindle Active Content allows software to be purchased and used on the e-ink Kindles. It is however only available to US customers. Is there any way for foreign customers to buy these items? I have ...
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Would extracting the Kindle highlights from the 'my clippings' file break some usage policy?

I read all sort of things on my kindle, not only ebooks bought on Amazon, so often I want to get hold of the highlights and use them as notes or memories of what I've read (think there are online apps ...
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