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Save reading percentage, bookmarks and highlights inside of epub file

Is there a way or a specific epub reader that can save highlights and bookmarks inside of the epub file. Basically I would like to have an app that works like kindle on different devices, so that my ...
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5 answers

Is there any ebook reader that can synchronize the bookmarks across PC(windows, osx), iOS, android devices?

I am looking for a reader that can synchronize the bookmark at which we last read and can continue from where we left? I have a surface, macbook, ipad, and a samsung tab across which I would like to ...
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2 answers

Adding Page Numbers in Word

How do I add page numbers to an ebook in Microsoft Word, in the following format: No numbers on opening pages (Title page, Copyright, Dedication) First page Number appears at bottom of Chapter 1 ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is there an Android reading app that synchronizes across devices?

I have been using Aldiko and Kindle for reading on my Android devices, but I find it annoying to always have to convert epub books to mobi format just so I can synchronize them across devices using ...
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Synch Kindle's bookmarks and notes

A few weeks ago I bought a book in Amazon and was using KindleForPC to read it. I was making notes and highlights and it was synching. After reading some pages I downloaded Kindle for Android, and ...
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Automatic transfer of annotations in sideloaded book in Nook Android app

I have a couple non-Nook Android devices with the Nook app installed on them -- a tablet and a phone -- and several epub books that I read and annotated on the tablet. I was surprised, when I copied ...
10 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to share annotations between a Kobo Glo and Calibre Viewer?

Is it possible to share annotations between a Kobo device (I own a Glo, but it should not matter I think) and Calibre internal viewer? I'm aware that there is a plugin for Calibre that can export ...
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