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How to check the current copyright status of books?

How long lasts the copyright over a book? Is there a way to check the current copyright status of a book by using ISBN?
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Help understanding eBooks sales

This statistics page states that worldwide eBook in 2017 totaled $13B. It also states that US sales were ~ $6B. On the other hand, this report from Author Earnings cites US sales in 2017 as being $3B....
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Does anybody read interactive eBooks?

"Interactive" eBooks are books which integrate various means by which the "book" can interact with the reader. They often incorporate audio and graphic elements. My question is as follows: Is ...
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How to get book texts difference of two editions of ebook, to read only changes?

I got an ebook and have read it, then found there exists new edition if it, got it too, and not surprisingly found it shares much of text with previous edition. Although there exist some changes too, ...
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Ebook content versus physical book content

What are the differences between ebook content and physical book content in terms of readability and/or sales? For example, are there any studies regarding the differences between the content that is ...
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What fraction of unrestricted ebooks originate with the top digitization projects?

Although there are many sources of ebooks without use restrictions, it seems like most of them actually originate with a small handful of digitization projects. One of these is Project Gutenberg in ...
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Are there any open e-book file formats that support statistics gathering?

Are there any open e-book file formats which support gathering of anonymous statistics (e.g. how many times an e-book has been opened) by the content creator? By "support", include both the support ...
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