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Sigil is a free and open-source ebook editor for creating and editing EPUB files

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How to split an EPUB into multiple files of one chapter if each chapter consists multiple html pages?

To separate an EPUB file to multiple file, I need to find all <h2 and replace them with <hr class="sigil_split_marker" /><h2. However, each element of a chapter is consisted in its own ...
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Sigil EPUB: Auto-generating internal links to illustrations

I'm working on converting a large book from its original digital masters to EPUB. I'm using Sigil right now, but am open to using other tools where appropriate. This book contains a lot (240!) of ...
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Highlighting text in an epub using Sigil and python

This is a follow-up to Programming Sigil for importing annotations The answer there suggests to read the Sigil Plugin Framework documentation. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to do the ...
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I've started created my epub v3 with Sigil, should I have used Calibre instead?

I'm new to creating ebooks. I have mp3s and mp4s that I want to include in my epub so I started off making an epub v3. I started with using Sigil to create my file but I'm wondering if it was a ...
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